About me

Nice to meet you, I'm Dayana, a sculptor from Ukraine. I create fantastic planters. I have been working with polymer clay for about 4 years, my main direction is fantasy style.

I grew up on the books of John R. R. Tolkien and it was the magical world of Middle-earth that inspired me to create Dragons. And also the world of Harry Potter, which I also love since childhood. I wanted to create a miracle, a little magic that you can touch with your own hands.

My planters are completely handmade, which is carried out in several stages: thinking through the image in my head, choosing the right minerals, sculpting, heat treatment, painting, varnishing and the final stage - packaging.

In my work I use natural minerals, I use them as the horns of creatures and to decorate the stands. I select crystals individually according to their properties or according to the sign of the zodiac. Natural stones carry a unique energy that has a positive effect on a person. Every natural stone is as unique as every fantastic beast I have created.