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Course on making flower pots. During the course I will tell you how to create a unique handmade plant pot. At the same time, you don’t have to have any skills or experience, because during the course I showed a very clear and simple way to create such a flower pot. We will study the basics of working with clay, we will look at what a flowerpot consists of, how to make a base, how to create eyes and the best way to color a flowerpot. I will share additional materials on creating various design elements, such as: horns, wings, different ears, textures on clay. I’ll share my life hacks for creating eyes and smoothing clay. After completing this course, you will master the technique and be able to create flowerpots in your own style! I created a program with the most simple, accessible and understandable training. Everyone will understand the explanations

You can take lessons at your own pace, at a convenient time, without depending on anyone. It is very comfortable!

The first stream of training will begin on March 1st! Quantity will be limited

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